Where Can You Find Mecum Auction Results?

Individuals find Mecum Auctions results by clicking Results on the company's website, as of March 2015. This Web page features the top 10 auctions back to 2012. Otherwise, subscribers login with an email address to see individual sale results back to 2008.

The top 10 auction results show the most profitable auction first. The name of the auction, lot number and the amount of the lot's overall sale accompany each entry. Users click on Details to see individual pieces in each lot. Sale prices for each piece are not shown in the top 10 auctions list.

Individuals sign up for Mecum's InfoNet feature by submitting a name, city, state and email address. Users choose to receive information from five different areas of interest, including collector cars, vintage motorcycles, road art, yachts and tractors. People may choose to receive information from everything Mecum Auctions has to offer. Users click on Join Now from the InfoNet portal to register.

After completing the registration process, subscribers have access to complete auction results. These results include the high bids and sale prices for every vehicle and piece of road art sold through Mecum Auctions back to 2008. Subscribers access live auction broadcasts, receive email updates on consignments, and create a personal profile to keep track of upcoming auctions based on selection criteria.