Can a Mechanic Tighten the Emergency Brake on a Car?


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A mechanic can tighten the emergency brake on a car. A loose emergency brake, characterized by the brake pedal or handle moving too freely or the brake not working, can indicate that the emergency brake cable needs to be tightened or replaced.

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Can a Mechanic Tighten the Emergency Brake on a Car?
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The emergency brake, or parking brake, operates via a cable rather than through a hydraulic system like the driving brakes do. Adjusting the brake requires tightening this cable, either inside the car where it meets its pedal or handle, or underneath the car, where it splits to two separate wheels.

After a mechanic tightens the cable, test to see if the brake activates within the amount of clicks from the handle or pedal specified by the owners manual, and park the vehicle on an incline to ensure the brake is holding it.

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