How Can You Make Power Windows That Are Stuck Open Roll Back Up?

How Can You Make Power Windows That Are Stuck Open Roll Back Up?

One common cause of power windows that do not close is a defective switch, which you can replace by removing the switch from the door panel, disconnecting the cable and installing a new switch. Before changing the switch, make sure the window lock switch is off, and the fuse is working.

  1. Check the lock switch and fuse

    Before replacing the switch, take time to check the fuse and the window lock switch. If either of these are a problem, none of the windows in the vehicle operate.

  2. Remove the switch from the switch panel

    Locate and remove any screws that hold the switch in place. In newer vehicles, the switch panel often pops out of its housing.

  3. Remove the door panel if necessary

    With some cars, you must remove the door panel. Remove the door handles and armrests by removing screws. Gently pull the panel to detach it from the door frame. Work slowly and carefully to disconnect any electrical connections.

  4. Replace the switch

    Purchase a replacement switch from an auto parts store. Replace the switch that is not functioning with the new one.

  5. Reassemble the door

    Reverse the steps to reassemble the door. Make the necessary electrical connections. Pop the panel fasteners into place. Replace any hardware that was removed to access the switch or remove the door panel.