How Can You Make Your Own White-Letter Goodyear Tires?


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Recreate the white lettering of Goodyear tires on your own with a custom stencil and tire paint, or by hand with a tire paint pen. Because tire paint requires several hours of time and patience, white rubber letters, which adhere to the tires, are a faster, more convenient option.

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If you want to paint on the letters, begin by making a reusable stencil from Mylar. Draw or transfer the design onto the Mylar. Tape the sheet down onto a self-healing cutting mat, and cut out the design with a utility knife. If you do not need a custom stencil, basic letter stencils are available from most arts and crafts stores.

If the self-adhesive Mylar does not stick to the tires, tape the stencil onto the tire. With the stencil in place, fill in the design with white tire paint, and remove the stencil before the paint dries. If you are artistic, you may want to skip the stencil step and do the lettering by hand with a paint pen.

A few third-party manufacturers, such as Tredwear and Iron Cross Innovations, offer pre-fabricated letters that stick to the tires with special adhesive that is said to last longer than paint, which typically wears off after a few hundred miles.

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