How Can You Make a New Key for a Car?

The best way to make a new key for a car is to contact a local locksmith and request they make a new key and, if it is a smart key, to reprogram it. Hardware stores and the car dealership are also able to provide the same service, but locksmiths are typically the cheaper alternative and have more advanced machinery. Dealerships may also require the car to be physically present to create a key, necessitating a potentially costly towing job.

The locksmith, hardware store or dealer will require additional information before they can create a new key. This information typically includes the car's year, make, model, and its Vehicle Identification Number. Keeping such information easily available makes the process of future key replacement much easier. Additionally, the business may require proof of car ownership, such as its title or registration papers along with a photo ID.

If the key was a smart key, many modern locksmiths are able to provide transponder keys with chips inside and keys with proximity remotes. Related services provided by most locksmiths includes the ability to repair or replace the car's ignition if it is damaged. This is typically required if individuals accidentally break the car's ignition in an attempt to start the car, which is one reason why it is important to not panic when first discovering that the keys are lost.