How Can You Make Money Buying and Selling Junkyard Cars?


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Making money buying and selling junkyard cars has two phases, with the first being harvesting specific parts from car for resale through various methods. The second phase involves selling what is left of the car to a scrap or recycling yard for the value of the raw materials.

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How Can You Make Money Buying and Selling Junkyard Cars?
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The first step an individual needs to take in order to make money buying and selling junkyard cars is to understand the full value and condition each car before making a purchase. An individual should contact local scrap yards in order to gain a rough estimate of how much each pays for junk cars in order to set a maximum price she is willing to pay for a car to ensure she can still make a profit on it.

After purchasing a junkyard car, an individual should remove certain components for individual resale. For example, functioning car batteries can be sold on auction or classifieds sites directly to buyers or to auto shops that recondition and resell batteries. Components such as catalytic converters and air conditioner compressors can be sold to auto shops or broken down to have the individual components sold as well. What remains of the car can then be sold to a recycling center for its metal value.

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