How Can I Make My Car Faster and Louder?

can-make-car-faster-louder Credit: Sean Murphy/Taxi/Getty Images

There are multiple ways to make a car faster, such as the installation of a new exhaust system, according to CarsDirect. New exhaust systems also make cars louder, but such alterations are not always legal, explains the Criminal Justice Degrees Guide.

Adding a new exhaust system to a car can increase the horsepower output of the vehicle and thus increasing the maximum speed it is able to achieve, according to CarsDirect. Other options include switching to a cold air intake, which improves the efficiency of the fuel combustion process and improves the car's horsepower output. Installing a new performance type catalytic converter improves engine processing, which is often a more cost effective way to increase speed, states CarsDirect.

Muffler delete pipes are one option for making a car louder, according to Criminal Justice Degrees Guide. However, these alterations may cause noise levels to become excessive, which is illegal in many states. In general, aftermarket exhaust parts are used to fit a standard vehicle with improved engine performance or sound, according to Wikipedia. Therefore, many aftermarket exhaust components that increase performance, such as a new catalytic converter or muffler, also have the effect of making a car louder when in use.