Can You Look up Your Vehicle's Registration Online?


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Most state DMV websites provide a process called Registration Inquiry which allows vehicle owners to look up their registration information, so long as they can provide proof of identity to the site's satisfaction. These sites save the hassle of actually physically traveling to a DMV office or to a record keeping site.

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To access registration information, the inquirer must have at their disposal the vehicle's registration plate type and registration number. These pieces of information can be gleaned from the registration card and enable the inquirer to complete the inquiry process and gain access to all relevant information pertaining to their car.

The types of registration which can be accessed via online inquiry differ from state to state. It is typical for farm vehicles to be unavailable via this form of inquiry, and often dealer and manufacturer information is unavailable, as well. Information unavailable over the Internet is typically available in analog form at a records office.

Once validation has been provided, many pieces of information are at the inquirer's disposal and many more can be acquired with further validation. This includes the status of a given registration, its expiration date, associated fees and a great many other criteria that make tracking registration and planning ahead a much simpler matter for the inquirer.

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