What Can You Do If You Lock My Keys Inside Your Car?

If an individual locks his keys inside his vehicle, he can take a variety of actions including calling for roadside assistance, calling a tow truck, calling a locksmith, calling someone to pick up the extra set of keys or attempting to open the door himself. If the vehicle is equipped with a telematics system such as OnStar, a toll-free number can be dialed to have the vehicle remotely unlocked.

Some vehicles also come equipped with keypads on the outside so that a code can be entered to unlock the door and retrieve the keys. Dialing 911 should be reserved for emergency situations where the individual feels unsafe.

People can follow several tips to prevent the stress of being locked out of their vehicle. They can keep an extra key in their wallet or purse. If possible, they can store an extra key in a hidden spot on the vehicle's exterior. Magnetic key boxes are available for this use. People can also give an extra key to a friend or family member who could be easily contacted if needed. Joining a roadside assistance program such as AAA or Allstate is also an option. It gives people access to assistance, but it may not be timely.