Where Can You View Listings of Yachts for Sale Around the World?

Yachtworld.com, Sailboatlistings.com and eBay post listings of yachts for sale from around the world. Each site allows visitors to browse their extensive catalogs free of charge.

Yachtworld.com provides a database of over 116,000 boats for sale, as of 2015. The site includes a search engine that allows visitors to browse boat listings by condition, boat type, length and year manufactured. Each listing includes photos, detailed specifications, price information and links for contacting the seller by phone or email. Yachtworld.com also offers listings for other sailboat-related marine businesses, including boat loan financiers, marine surveyors, insurance agencies and transporting companies that provide boat shipping and hauling.

Sailboatlistings.com displays its entire catalog on the website's homepage. All listings include an item description, photo gallery, price and contact information. The homepage also includes a featured sailboats section and a directory of classifieds listed by boat manufacturer. Sailboatlistings.com also offers a section including tips on avoiding fraud and a list of seller email addresses that have been reported for suspicious activity.

EBay also posts listings of yachts for sale. Financing for most eBay purchases is available through a third party financier, such as netLoan Funding, and many sellers accept PayPal. Most EBay yacht purchases are also available for buyer's insurance coverage of up to $50,000.