Where Can a List of SAE Standards for Torques Be Found Online?

Engineers Edge LLC, Portland Bolt & Manufacturing Company Inc. and Engineer's Handbook are among the organizations offering online lists of SAE International's standards for torques. Car manufacturers and online organizations such as TorkSpec provide specification charts by model and part.

Originally formed as the Society of Automobile Engineers, SAE International provides standards for automotive and aerospace systems, including suggested maximum torques for threaded fasteners. Bolts differentiate into SAE grades representing material hardness such as 133,000 pounds-per-square-inch carbon heat-tempered steel. The standard for the automotive industry is SAE J429, covering grades one, two, five and eight. The specification charts typically display torques in foot-pounds for each grade depending on bolt size in inches and by the number of threads per inch.

EngineersEdge.com lists torques for 18 bolt types within several SAE grades. PortlandBolt.com provides separate tables for grades two, five and eight. EngineersHandbook.com offers charts for standard steel torques, along with charts for other materials, including stainless steel, brass, bronzed silicon and aluminum. Some torque values display in inch-pounds.

Websites for car dealers such as MaineMustang.com provide lists of torques identified by model and bolt name. While not designated as SAE-derived, the specifications use the J429 automotive standards.

TorkSpec.com provides a database of torque specifications searchable by engine or car model. Entries show values in both foot-pounds and inch-pounds. The results also identify the location and function of the particular bolts.