Where Can You Find a List of the Most Reliable Used Cars?


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Lists of the most reliable cars can be found on the websites of organizations like J.D. Power and Consumer Reports. Reputable car websites like Popular Mechanics also provide regular lists.

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J.D. Powers is a research organization that has operated in the United States and across the world since 1968. It produces an annual Vehicle Dependability Study that analyzes the experiences of the owners of 3-year-old cars. The study looks at 19 types of cars and gives information on the best performers. The types include small SUV, small car, minivan, midsize sporty car, midsize SUV, midsize premium SUV, midsize premium car, midsize pickup, midsize car, large SUV, large light-duty pickup, large heavy duty pickup, large car, compact sporty car, compact SUV, compact premium SUV, compact premium car, compact multi-purpose vehicle and compact car.

Consumer Reports is an independent and non-profit organization that has existed since 1936. It tests cars and produces a range of reports including reports that look at reliability. It grades several types of car: small cars, sedans and SUVs in various price ranges. It also gives information on the least reliable cars that it has information on.

Finally, several motoring publications look at car reliability and produce lists. The version produced by the website Popular Mechanics uses information gathered from professional motor mechanics across the U.S.

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