Where Can You Find a List of Foreign Cars Sold in the United States?


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Websites such as eHow.com and AutosCraze.com feature lists of foreign cars sold in the United States. These lists also contain information about each car's country of origin, manufacturer and year of manufacture. The lists also contain pictures of each car.

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To find a list of foreign cars sold in the United States on eHow.com, type “list of foreign cars” into the search box, and select the relevant list from the search results. On AutosCraze.com, go to the search box at the upper right corner of the homepage, input the phrase “top 20 foreign cars,” and click the magnifying lens icon to begin the search. Click on the search results that show the top 20 foreign cars to view each car and its description.

Volkswagen, Nissan, Ferrari, Lamborghini and BMW are among the most popular foreign cars sold in the United States. Mercedes-Benz and Rolls Royce are also popular. Germany is the leading manufacturer in the list with brands such as Volkswagen, BMW, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz. Japan follows closely with car brands such as Honda, Mazda and Nissan. Italy manufactures popular luxury cars such as the Lamborghini and Ferrari. The Rolls Royce is manufactured in Great Britain by Rolls Royce Limited.

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