Where Can You Find a List of Car Brands With Their Logos?


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Both Cars-Data and Auto Car Brands feature comprehensive lists of automobile manufacturers alongside their respective business logos. Auto Car Brands links to individual image files of each logo, while Cars-Data links to information about representative models.

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Auto Car Brands explains that business logos, such as those used by car manufacturers, are designed to trigger memories, past experiences and value judgments in customers who may then act on the feelings elicited. The site notes that each logo uses a relatively strict palette of color in order to avoid confusing potential customers and explains that shape influences customers' decision-making processes by making the respective company name stand out through its placement in the context of a logo.

Auto Car Brands lists 113 different logos for automobile manufacturers, including major companies such as Toyota, Suzuki, BMW and Volkswagen, alongside smaller companies such as Think, TVR, Dacia and Ginetta. Luxury brands are well-represented in both Auto Car Brands and Cars-Data's lists, with Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Maserati present.

Cars-Data lists 98 different logos which inbclude several brands not present on AutoCarBrands.com, including Princess, Austin, Morris and Galloper. Most of these brands, such as Austin, for example, are defunct, having been purchased and merged with larger brands.

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