Where Can You Find a List of Automotive Diagnostic Codes?

As of 2015, a list of On-Board Diagnostic System, or OBD-II, codes can be found on OBD-Codes.com. This site provides a list of generic and manufacturer-specific OBD-II automotive diagnostic codes. Actron.com offers a trouble code lookup that describes the error code's meaning.

OBD-Codes.com provides a list of most automotive error codes. However, some error codes that are manufacturer-specific might not be available. Automotive error codes are comprised of a letter and a series of digits. The first letter indicates the system from which the error originated: P for powertrain, B for body, C for chassis and U for undefined. The second digit shows whether the code is generic or manufacturer-specific: 0 is generic and 1 is specific. The third digit shows the code's subtype, while the fourth and fifth digits are problem-specific. Once the error code is discovered, a person can search Actron.com using a code lookup that is specific to the vehicle's year, make, model and engine.