Where Can You Find Kit Cars for Sale?


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Kit cars can be found for sale through online auction websites such as eBay, as well as classic car search engines such as Auto Trader Classics. Specialty sites, such as Kit Cars for Sale, also contain listings and information about purchasing kit cars.

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A kit car is any vehicle sold as a set of parts to be assembled rather than as a fully configured vehicle. Kits vary in complexity and completeness, ranging from a full set of parts and instruction manual to larger semi-completed components. When an individual purchases a kit car, she either must assemble it herself or contract a third party to complete the vehicle. Certain aspects of the vehicle, such as the engine, are often taken from outside vendors in order to complete the build. Kit cars are commonly sold as a means of creating replicas of classic and limited-run vehicles.

Kit cars sold online typically come as completely unassembled kits or as fully assembled cars. The site selling the car usually makes clear the state of the vehicle, though in some cases it can be unclear. As most sites offer a way for buyers to contact sellers, contacting the sellers directly is a good way to find out the condition of the vehicle.

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