How Can You Find Kelley Blue Book ATV Prices?

To find Kelley Blue Book prices for all-terrain vehicles as of 2014, click on the motorcycle link on the KBB website. After clicking the motorcycle link, enter the rest of the information needed.

The Kelley Blue Book website requires information from the user to navigate through the steps to determine an ATV's value. Information requested covers the user's location and then the type of ATV being researched.

Step 1: Locate the site

Navigate to the Kelley Blue Book website, then scroll down the page about three-fourths of the way. The link for motorcycles is under the picture of a motorcycle, and it is labeled "Motorcycles."

Step 2: Enter location

Kelley Blue Book requires a ZIP code before providing any information, but no personal information is requested. The ZIP code is needed because values vary by location.

Step 3: Enter ATV specifics

Choose between 2,3,4,6- and 8 wheeled ATVs, then click on the brand being researched. Click on the year of the ATV in question. Choose the model of the ATV from the list, and then choose between "Trade-In Value" and "Suggested Retail Value."

Trade-in value is the amount a dealer would most likely offer if the ATV is brought in as a trade on the purchase of a new ATV. Suggested retail is the value an ATV sells for in the area of the ZIP code provided earlier. To get a more precise estimated value, enter the condition and mileage information on the page selected.