Where Can You Find Junk Planes for Sale?

Find junk and rebuildable aircraft for sale on BarnStormers.com and Trade-A-Plane.com. Alternatively, bid on salvage aircraft and parts on USAU.com, which is the website for the United States Aircraft Insurance Group.

BarnStormers.com offers a classifieds section and searchable ads for junk and salvage aircraft. The site offers multiple photos of aircraft for sale at various aircraft boneyards with identifying numbers under each aircraft or salvage section for sale to make it easy to inquire about a particular aircraft. Under the Classifieds section, sellers list free ads for various aircraft, including photos of the aircraft. Use the Search Ads feature to narrow down the aircraft or part desired by manufacturer, model and part number.

Trade-A-Plane.com offers aircraft for sale that users can sort by manufacturer name. Site visitors may search the site by clicking on the Aircraft, Engines, Parts/Products and other tabs. Visitors can also post ads to sell their aircraft or parts on the site by clicking the Place A Listing link and following the site's prompts.

On USAU.com, visitors can bid on salvage planes in both open-bid and closed-bid auctions. Interested parties must email the site administrator for information on bidding or dial the number provided in the Salvage section of the website for additional details about the site's aircraft auctions.