How Can You Interchange NGK Spark Plugs With Another Brand?

How Can You Interchange NGK Spark Plugs With Another Brand?

Spark plugs have part numbers that can be cross-referenced with other brands to find the exact match. In other to cross reference the spark plugs find the part number and search for it using an automotive part database. After choosing the wanted brand, choose the level of the spark plug.

There a several different levels of spark plugs offered by each brand. The levels offer different types of longevity, protection and performance for the engine. Copper plugs are basic and generally recommended for older vehicles from the 1980s. Singe platinum plugs are more durable than copper. Double-platinum spark plugs are only used for specific engine systems that make use of a waste spark system. The top quality spark plug has its tip made from Iridium, which lasts much longer than the other parts. Use the following instructions to replace NGK plugs with another brand.

  1. Check the part number
  2. Read the part number found on the body of the spark plug.

  3. Cross reference the part number
  4. Cross reference the spark plug using an auto part database, such as the one found on the Advance Auto Parts website.

  5. Pick the next set of spark plugs
  6. After finding the best set of spark plugs, purchase and install them.