How Can You Install a Turbocharger?


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To install a turbocharger, drain the engine oil, install a new intercooler, then replace the exhaust header with the turbocharger and manifold. Next, attach the turbo to the engine's oil filter line and oil pan, and link the turbo's air outlet with the engine's air intake. Finally, fill the engine with new oil.

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When installing the turbocharger, jack up the car's front, then put a collecting container beneath the engine, unplug the oil system, and drain all the oil into the container. Replace the plug, detach the bumper from the car, and install a new intercooler. Uninstall the exhaust header from the car, then replace it with the turbocharger fitted with the manifold system. Connect the engine's exhaust to the turbo manifold, then tap the oil filter line, and link the turbo's oil feed line with the tap. Connect the oil pan with the return line.

Connect the engine's metal pipes and hoses with compressed air outlet on the turbo and connect the pipes and hoses to the intercooler's one side. Attach the remaining pipes and hoses to the other side of the intercooler, and link them to the engine's air intake mechanism. Tighten all the bolts, fittings and taps, and fill the oil system with new oil. Finally, lower the car and test the turbocharger.

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