How Can You Install Replacement Body Panels on Cars?


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To install replacement body panels on cars, take out the existing panels by removing the skirting and bolts that secure the panels to the vehicle; position the replacement panels appropriately; and affix them using the bolts removed earlier. Finally, replace the skirting.

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To take out the existing body panels when installing replacement ones on cars, access the panels from beneath the vehicle, and take out the protective skirting made of plastic with a Phillips screwdriver. To do this, undo the Phillips screws that the secure the skirting, and tug the skirting away.

Then, look for the bolts that secure the body panels to the vehicle at the back of the panels. Also, locate the metal tabs present along the sides, top and bottom of the panels. Now, access the rear side of the panels via their bottom edges, open the vehicle or the hood, and take out all the bolts and their nuts. Keep the nuts and bolts safely aside.

Next, pull the existing panels away from the vehicle, and note the position of the holes for the bolts and tabs. Ensure that these holes align with those in the replacement panels for a proper fit, and position each panel appropriately.

Then, place the bolts via the tabs, affix the nuts on them, and tighten the latter using a socket and ratchet. Finally, refit the skirting, and secure it in position using the Phillips screws removed earlier.

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