How Can You Install a Remote Car Starter for Kia?


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To install a remote car starter for a Kia, first make sure the remote starter you are buying is compatible with the model and make of your car. Examine the starter well for features such as the timer, farthest distance you can activate from and how it functions.

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To carry out the task, you need a jack stand, soldering iron, starter and a wire stripper. Start the vehicle to make sure all electrical systems are functioning as required. Disconnect the negative car battery cable, jack up the vehicle and use a jack stand to hold it up. Examine the vehicle's manual or repair book for the wiring diagrams of the car's ignition system to ensure following the standard way for the remote starter installation.

Using the wiring diagram, fuse the necessary wires together with a soldering iron into the remote starter brain system. Follow the manufacturer’s guideline to carry out the wiring for the antenna and LED sensor to prevent possible complications.

Test the remote starter system for proper functioning. If it is installed correctly, the remote starter should activate the air conditioner. If it does not, inspect the wiring for any skipped procedure. If it does not work, contact a professional for further help.

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