How Can I Install a New Set of Arctic Cat Tracks?


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To replace Arctic Cat tracks, disconnect the suspension, and remove the hood, exhaust pipe and clutches. Drain the oil, and disassemble and remove the drive gears, drive shaft and bearings. Install the new tracks. This task takes several hours to complete, so do it in a warm, dry place.

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Disconnect and remove the suspension. Jack the snowmobile up, and place it on a safe jack stand. Take off the hood and exhaust pipe. Remove the primary and secondary clutches. This is not necessary, but doing so provides more room to work. Drain the oil from the chain case, and lock the brake.

Remove the screws to loosen the chain drive gears. Work the gears off, and remove the chain. Take out the screws holding the bearing cup, and remove it and the O-ring. On the clutch side of the snowmobile, remove the nuts holding on the speed sensor. Tap the bolts out, and remove the sensor.

Wiggle the drive shaft out of the clutch side through the chain case, and use a block of wood to tap the bearing off so the shaft slides out. Remove the old track, and install the new one by reversing the process. The track and gears must face the correct direction to work properly.

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