How Can You Install a Ford F-150 Steering Column?

How Can You Install a Ford F-150 Steering Column?

To begin, make sure the steering wheel and the front tires are both straight. Remove the trim piece directly below the steering column. Disconnect all electrical connectors that plug into the steering column harness and disconnect the shifter cable or shifter linkage, depending on the year of the F-150. Finally, remove the steering column to intermediate shaft bolt and the nuts that fasten the steering column to the underside of the dash.

Make sure to disconnect the negative battery cable to disable the vehicle's air bag system.This is an important step to avoid injury.

Level the steering wheel with the front tires pointing straight ahead and lock the steering wheel. Remove the dash trim directly below the column to access the steering column wiring and mounting hardware. Disconnect all of the electrical connectors that are plugged into the steering column wiring harness.

Depending on the year of your F-150, there may be a shifter linkage or a shifter cable. Disconnect the shifter hardware accordingly. Mark the point where the steering column connects to the intermediate shaft to aid reassembly, and remove the intermediate shaft bolts. There could be one pinch bolt inside the cab or four nuts and a rag joint in the engine compartment, depending on your specific application. Remove the bolts that secure the steering column to the dash frame and remove the steering column from the vehicle.

When reinstalling the column, make sure to line up the steering column to the intermediate shaft properly and ensure the steering wheel is aligned properly. Most Ford steering columns can only be installed one way, but it is still helpful to make your own indexing mark to aid the installation process.