Where Can You Find Information on the Seating Configuration of a Boeing 744?

Information on the seating configuration of a Boeing 747-400 (744) is available at SeatGuru as well as at the website of each airline that flies the aircraft. SeatGuru maps offer the additional advantage of showing user feedback, including a seat map key indicating the aircraft's best and worst seats.

The Boeing 744 is another name for the Boeing 747-400, a wide-body jet airliner produced by Boeing from 1988 through 2005. Travelers encounter the 747-400 often, since it was the best-selling Boeing 747 model.

Both British Airways and United Airlines fly the 747-400 in double-decker configurations that allow a greater number of first-class and business-class seats. SeatGuru users recommend avoiding the final row of seats in economy class, which offer less space and may be unable to recline.