Where Can You Find Information on How to Customize Particular Types of Vehicles Online?


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Many sites provide information on how to customize vehicles online, including Stillen.com, 3DTuning.com and HyundaiGenesis.com. Each site offers a large array of customization options and products.

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Stillen.com sells aftermarket parts for brands such as Chevrolet, BMW, Ford and Infiniti. The company's most popular products include grilles, badges, lighting and truck bed covers. Stillen.com also sells wheels, dash kits, brakes and engine components.

3DTuning.com offers a virtual, interactive customization studio that helps customers visualize modifications and choose parts. The site offers customization options for brands such as Audi, GMC, Fiat, Jeep and Alfa Romeo. 3DTuning.com also has a mobile app and also displays user-submitted customization photos in the website gallery.

HyundaiGenesis.com is a customization website for new Hyundai Genesis vehicles. Customers use the site to build and purchase cars with a large variety of custom options for seating, trim and wheels. Many exterior color options are also available.

Popular vehicle modifications include custom lighting, mufflers, spoilers and audio systems. For example, many drivers upgrade their headlights to make them brighter and more energy-efficient. Another type of lighting modification involves attaching light strips along the perimeter of the vehicle's underside. These are cosmetic modifications that do not replace the other lights on the vehicle.

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