Where Can You Find Information on Car Oil Specs?


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Mcgeerf.Tripod.com, OilSpecifications.org and CarCare.org provide information on car oil specifications. Mcgeerf.Tripod.com provides a complete car oil spec comparison chart. The chart compares oil viscosity, flash point, pour point, and percentages of ash sulphate and zinc.

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Where Can You Find Information on Car Oil Specs?
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OilSpecifications.org provides an online tool for comparing car oil specs. Users can select a brand and product from the dropdown menus. The tool gives a list of similar motor oil products to be compared. The OilSpecifications.org comparison tool has fourteen major brands to compare and over one hundred products. CarCare.org gives a brief article explaining different types of oils, what their specs mean and how car owners can choose the best oil for their car models.

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