How Can You Find an Inexpensive Dodge Viper?


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Buyers looking to secure a less-expensive Dodge Viper sports car may wish to consider buying a first-generation vehicle produced from 1993 to 1995 or a second-generation vehicle from 1997 or later. While the production numbers for the Viper have never been on the order of more common vehicles, cars from these years are old enough to have depreciated to some extent and are not as rare as first-generation cars from the inaugural 1992 model year or second-generation cars from 1996.

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Older Vipers from the first generation produced in 1993 and 1994 are significantly more plentiful than the 1992 Viper but are mechanically identical to the 1992 version. Only 285 1993 Vipers were produced, significantly increasing the value of these cars along with the collectible value of these cars as part of the first year of Viper production. Models from 1995 are slightly different mechanically but are similar in style and production numbers to 1993 and 1994 cars, while the 1996 model had lower production numbers than subsequent years of the second generation and thus may be more likely to command high prices due to their rarity.

Buyers looking for a deal on a more recent iteration of the Dodge Viper may wish to consider investigating Dodge's Certified Pre-Owned program. Some used Vipers from recent model years are sold through this program at a discount relative to buying new. In addition, it is usually less expensive to buy the Viper in coupe form rather than as a roadster, though track-focused models such as the Viper ACR may be more expensive than other Vipers even as coupes.

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