How Can I Increase the Book Value of My Truck?


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A truck's resale value can be increased by thoroughly cleaning and detailing both the interior and exterior, recommends CarsDirect. Documented maintenance schedules also can increase value. Ensuring that the vehicle's mechanics function properly and the vehicle can pass required smog or other inspections increases book value, according to NADA Guides.

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How Can I Increase the Book Value of My Truck?
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Many of the elements considered in determining a truck's book value cannot be changed or improved upon, since a vehicle's value varies by geographic region, make and model of the vehicle, its major features and its mileage, explains CarsDirect. The vehicle's physical appearance, though, can be enhanced, which in turn enhances the book value.

The vehicle's interior and exterior should be cleaned thoroughly and professionally detailed, which includes cleaning of the upholstery, carpet cleaning and reconditioning of vinyl and leather surfaces, advises CarsDirect. Any minor dents in the body should be filled in. Errant paint left on non-painted surfaces of the body should be removed. Wheel wells should be smooth and thoroughly cleaned. The bumper should be replaced if not in good condition.

Vehicular value can be increased by not installing aftermarket accessories or performance parts, advises The Car Connection. Add-ons that alter powertrain or safety equipment especially should be avoided, as these, and other accessories and modifications, affect warranty coverage and the ability to have the vehicle certified as pre-owned.

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