How Can You Identify a Dana Spicer Axle?


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Dana Spicer axles are identified with a manufacturing date and a bill of materials, or BOM, number that is stamped on the driving axle. Each axle contains a gear ratio tag. A Dana Spicer axle with a limited slip differential will have a tag that identifies the type of lubricant to be used.

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A Dana Spicer axle has a vertically positioned identification tag near the center of the right side support arm. An additional tag may be stamped into the left side just opposite the camber adjuster or stamped into the nose end of the axle carrier. The locations of this information will depend on when the axle was manufactured.

Another way to identify a Dana Spicer axle is to check the model number section for the part identification and the breakdown in the bill of materials that is located on the driving axle.

Other options to identify a Dana Spicer axle are by locating the axle sticker that will show the part number. This can be checked against any Dana parts identification page catalog. If there is a sticker on the axle the number will be located on the top left. Other locations for axle numbers may be tags in the door jam of the vehicle.

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