How Can You Identify What Car an Engine Is From by the Casting Number?

Automotive repair and rebuild shops that are members of AERA have access to a complete database that lists casting numbers and the corresponding engines. A phone call to request a look-up of the casting number can identify from where the engine part came.

The database created by AERA (Automotive Engine Rebuilders Association) covers all make and models and goes back, on some models, almost 100 years. Through its list of casting numbers, the database can identify engine blocks, head castings, crankshafts, camshafts, connecting rods and flywheels. Over 7,000 engine specifications are listed for internal combustion engines manufactured throughout the world.

AERA was established in 1922. It is the industry's oldest technical resource, and the organization states it has become the industry's voice for engine specifications and technical assistance. Members have access to information and expertise through the organization's technical library and its trained staff. Thousands of auto shops worldwide are members of AERA; reputable member shops can be found by searching the AERA Member Locator on The search feature lists the categories that each member works on or specializes in and can be narrowed by member type or location. also offers an extensive list of preferred providers in addition to the list of member shops.