How Can You Identify Automobile Emblems?

How Can You Identify Automobile Emblems?

Identify automobile emblems by first learning about the emblem designs and then comparing them. Some manufacturers choose to use unique emblems for some of their vehicles.

The blue, white and black BMW emblems is easy to identify. The emblem consists of a white and blue checkered flag in the middle and a black circle around it. At the top, the circle has the letters BMW on it in white. Black lines divide the equally-proportioned sections of the flag.

Although car enthusiasts use the term Chevy bow tie to refer to it, Chevrolet uses a yellow cross as its emblem. A thick silver line with glossy visual effects draws a border around the cross. A black Chevrolet text may accompany the emblem in promotional material, but Chevy cars often only feature the logo.

Although the Corvette is manufactured by Chevrolet, the high-performance sports car has its own emblem. It features a black and white checkered race flag on the left and a red flag with a Chevrolet logo and a gold fleur de lis on the right. The company considered using an American flag but decided to replace it with a fleur de lis.

Ford's logo features Henry Ford's signature in an elliptical shape. While the shape itself is blue with a gradient effect, the signature and the line tracing the ellipse are white. Similarly to Chevrolet, Ford uses another emblem with the Mustang. The mustang features a running mustang in silver.

The four companies may or may not change their emblems at any time. The emblems are current as of January 2016.