Where Can You Find a Free Guide to Troubleshooting Car Problems?


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Auto MD, AutoZone and About.com, provide free troubleshooting guides for car problems. About.com has a list of car problems categorized into several groups, including basic, electrical troubleshooting and on board diagnostics evaluation. Once a person chooses a problem and clicks on it, he can see an article about various issues. Some of these issues have hyperlinks attached to them, allowing the user to click on the issue to read an article on how to repair the vehicle.

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Auto MD has an automated troubleshooting guide that walks the user through the process step-by step. The car owner first selects the year, make, model, sub-model and engine of the vehicle. After that, the owner must choose which part of the vehicle is causing the problem or what feels, smells, sounds or looks broken in the car. There may be several more questions the owner must answer before he receives a list of problems the vehicle may be experiencing. After that, the website guides the car owner through the inspection and repairing process.

The troubleshooting guide on AutoZone is similar to the one on Auto MD except the car owner doesn't need to enter information about the vehicle in the beginning. Based on the information entered, the website presents a list of issues the vehicle may be experiencing. There is a vehicle repair guide on the website that the car owner can consult after that to deal with the problem.

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