Where Can You Find a Guide for Oil Specifications of Specific Engine Types?

The Pennzoil website has a "Types of Motor Oil" guide that explains each type of oil and the engines for which the oil is made. The Mobil Oil website also has an application that allows users to search for the right type of oil to use by car make, model, year and engine.

It is very important to make sure that correct type of oil is being put into an engine, as use of the wrong motor oil could result in the engine seizing up and being completely destroyed. The "Types of Motor Oil" page on the Pennzoil website is a comprehensive guide that explains what the types of motor oil mean, and describes the engine types that typically use each type of oil. To navigate to this guide, go to the Pennzoil website and click on the "Learn About Motor Oil" link on the bottom of the page. Then, click on the "Types of Motor Oil and Recommended Use" link.

In order to simply search for the right kind of motor oil to use on a specific vehicle or engine, go to the Mobile Oil website and click on the "Find the Right Oil" link. From here, users can select a specific engine and find which type of oil that engine uses.