Where Can You Find a Guide for Installing a Mobil Oil Filter?

MobilOil.com provides for a complete guide on how to install Mobil oil filters. Vehicle oil filter changes must be done in combination with oil changes. The online guide gives complete instructions for both procedures as well as product guides that help you select the correct grade of oil and the proper filter for your car. Consult the vehicle's owners manual for the right viscosity and the number of quarts needed for the specific model of vehicle.

To complete an oil and oil filter change you need a socket wrench, an oil filter wrench, a funnel, a drip pan or bucket to catch the old oil, and some rags and newspapers to keep the work area clean.

Start the process by parking the car on a level surface, placing the drip pan under the oil pan and removing the drain plug. Allow all of the oil to drain before replacing the plug. Use the oil filter wrench to loosen the filter and then unscrew it by hand. Rub a little oil around the rubber seal of the new filter to keep it from cracking. Hand tighten the new filter in place.

Fill the crankcase with the prescribed amount of oil using the funnel, and screw the cap on it. Clean up any spilled oil from the engine and the floor with the rags and newspapers.