What Can You Find in a GovDeals Auction?

What Can You Find in a GovDeals Auction?

GovDeals auctions items confiscated by government agencies as well as surplus vehicles, ranging from passenger cars to school buses, boats, motorcycles and aviation equipment. Other items include fine art, buildings, clothing, computers and musical instruments.

At GovDeals.com, visitors can search for vehicles in an open or scheduled auction by date and location. Other criteria include vehicle make, model, year, price range and seller. The site also offers notifications based on a combination of those selections.

Crown Victoria Police Interceptors comprise 50 percent of the available automobiles sold through GovDeals as of March 2015. Dodge Chargers constitute another make and model well-represented in the auctions. Classic cars intermittently appear on the auction site.

Construction and industrial vehicles for sale through GovDeals include cranes, highway paving rollers and heavy duty trucks. Hay balers, fertilizer spreaders and tillers are common listing of interest to the agricultural industry. School buses and transit buses with special needs equipment are also often available. Occasionally, helicopters appear on the GovDeals.com site, and Boston whalers, channel dredgers, skiffs and dive equipment are available for bidders interested in marine equipment. All-terrain vehicles, golf carts and dune buggies sell to bidders interested in outdoor sports.

GovDeals acts as an intermediary for vehicle sales, managing the bids. The selling agency is responsible for providing an accurate description of the vehicle, contact information for arranging vehicle pickup and a minimum reserve preventing sale at a lower price. The winning bidder is responsible for handling the payment and shipping or picking up the vehicle. Bidders who fail to remove a vehicle before a 10-day deadline risk a lockout from future GovDeals auctions.