Where Can I Get Food Plot Attachments for an ATV?


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Food plot attachments for all terrain vehicles, or ATVs, are available at Plotmaster and at Ranew's Outdoor Equipment. Plotmaster offers 3-foot and 4-foot implements designed to work with ATVs. Ranew's offers Firminator and Firmiseeder implements that are easy-to-transport foot plot tools suited for ATVs of 500 cc or larger.

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The Plotmaster, designed for use in remote areas, small forest openings and firebreaks, minimizes tree and equipment damage when planting wildlife food plots. The Plotmaster ATV implements are part of a patented system that enables harrowing, plowing, planting, covering and cultipacking simultaneously. Ranew's Firminator G-3 ATV model has 12-inch ground turning discs and the features of the full-size, three-point implement, resized for ATVs.

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