Where Can You Get Florida HSMV Forms?

Where Can You Get Florida HSMV Forms?

Florida HSMV forms are available to download free of charge on the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website, FLHSMV.gov. Most forms are in PDF format, and can be located by form number or as part of a category.

Most forms are available under one of three categories. The first, Motor Vehicle, Mobile Home and Vessels, includes documents related to the sale of vehicles, records requests, renewal applications for mobile homes and vehicle dealer licenses. This category also includes applications for titles, Florida National Guard and military service license plates, parking permits and an international fuel tax agreement license.

The second category, Driver License, includes forms related to address changes, requests for driver's license records, refund requests and red light cameras. Parental consent forms for learner's permits and driver's tests, and certification of supervised online testing, are located in this section. Many documents are available in both English and Spanish.

In the third category, Other, a general form is provided to assist accident victims in exchanging information. Also included are two documents that allow license holders to disclose or withhold personal information on file.

Not all documents will be located in one of these categories. If the necessary form cannot be located by name, all documents are able to be searched by number.