How Can You Fix Squeaky Brakes?


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Fix squeaky brakes by replacing the brake pads, sanding down and cleaning out the rotor surface, and adding lubrication to the brake pad surface and areas around the wheel attachment. In normal cases where squeaking occurs, such as dusty or humid driving conditions or sudden, hard stops, brakes don't require maintenance.

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Worn down brake pads are a common cause of squeaking. Newer models of brake pads have a small tab called a “wear tab.” When the pads wear down to a certain level, the wear tab is exposed and the brakes begin to squeak when applied.

Dirt and gravel can also clog the area around the brake pad and the shoe, causing squeaking. Clean out any dirt around the rotor and sand down any rough surfaces or rusted areas. Have a mechanic replace heavily rusted or bent rotors.

Apply brake lubricant to the backing plate, the any metal surface that move against each, the parking brake cable and generally any areas where movement occurs. Do not apply lubricant to the area where the pads contact the drum or to any rubber or plastic surfaces. Avoid adding too much lubricant, and limit the applications to small dabs applied with the tips of the fingers.

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