How Can You Fix Your Power Seat Motor?

In order to fix a broken power seat, the motor will need to be replaced. The motor is located on the bottom of the seat, and can easily be accessed once the chair has been removed from the vehicle, according to

A power seat works by using a series of switches that trigger a motor placed underneath the chair. When the switch is pressed to either push to seat back or forward, the motor turns the gears and moves it. Over time, these motors can accrue large amounts of debris, leading to their eventual failure, notes Use the following instructions in order to replace the motor on a power seat.

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable
  2. Open the hood and disconnect the negative battery cable in order to avoid any shocks.

  3. Remove the seat
  4. Disconnect the motor and seatbelt sensor, then proceed to remove the hardware that mounts the seat to the vehicle.

  5. Inspect the motor
  6. Before removing the motor, check to see if there is any debris stuck between the gears. Remove any debris then test the motor; if it fails, continue.

  7. Replace the motor
  8. Check the wiring as well as the seat switch. If both are fine, go on to replace the motor.