How Can You Fix a Loose Headliner?


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To repair a vehicle headliner, remove all trim pieces connected to the headliner, and pull the headliner board out of the vehicle. Place the headliner board on a clean surface in a well-ventilated area, and pull the current headliner fabric off the board. Use a wire brush to scrub the foam backing off the board, cut holes in the appropriate places on the new fabric, apply spray adhesive to the board, and set the new fabric into place.

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To remove the headliner board, remove the visors, pillar trim, roof handles, windshield molding, dome light and any other pieces attached to the headliner. Set the pieces and their fasteners aside, and pull the headliner board through the passenger door or trunk. Do not bend or damage the board.

After removing the old headliner fabric and the foam on the headliner board, place a new piece of foam-backed fabric over the headliner board. Cut holes in the fabric where the trim pieces attach using a sharp razor knife. Change the blade in the knife if it is dull to ensure the cuts are clean.

Spray the adhesive onto the appropriate side of the headliner board, and wait for the adhesive to become sticky before setting the new fabric into place. Check the fabric after it dries to ensure it adheres to the headliner board, and reinstall the board and trim.

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