How Can You Fix a Cracked Windshield?

How Can You Fix a Cracked Windshield?

Begin repairing a cracked windshield when the windshield is dry. Use a simple kit like the one available from Loctite and apply the adhesive that comes with the kit. Follow up with the adhesive-filled syringe.

Windshield repair kits usually cost around $10 and should only be used on small chips and cracks, notes Long cracks cannot be fixed using this method. Follow the steps below to use a repair kit.

  1. Dry the windshield
  2. Begin by cleaning and drying the windshield thoroughly. Bring the temperature as close to room temperature as possible. Use lighter fluid, acetone and a hair dryer to clean and dry the windshield.

  3. Apply the adhesive strip
  4. Peel the backing off the adhesive strip and place it on the crack, centering it on the chip. Press it down to form a smooth surface.

  5. Use the syringe
  6. Using the syringe, position the tip over the crack and create a vacuum in the syringe by pulling the handle out as far as it can go. Hold the position for a full minute.

  7. Let go of the handle abruptly
  8. Let go of the handle abruptly, forcing the adhesive into the chip and crack. Repeat the procedure multiple times if necessary to cover the crack. The crack should be full of adhesive.

  9. Remove the syringe
  10. Remove the syringe from the area and take off the adhesive paper. Allow the remaining adhesive to cure in and slightly above the crack. This takes a few hours.

  11. Remove hardened adhesive from above the crack
  12. Using a straight-edge razor blade, remove the excess adhesive.