How Can I Figure Out What Kind of Tires to Buy?


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To figure out what kind of tires to buy, an individual should find out the vehicle’s correct tire size and determine the number of tires to replace, according to Tire Rack. It is also important to consider typical driving conditions.

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How Can I Figure Out What Kind of Tires to Buy?
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When choosing a new tire, an individual needs to ensure that the tire is capable of carrying the vehicle’s weight, states Tire Rack. Car and van owners who want to upgrade the original equipment size of their vehicles should stay within a 3-percent diameter change. Owners of pickups and sport utility vehicles may choose tires up to a 15-percent diameter increase.

An individual should buy a tire that matches the other tires when replacing only one tire, particularly if the tires have plenty of remaining tread depth, recommends Tire Rack, and find a replacement tire of the same size, speed rating, line and brand. When replacing two damaged or worn tires, one should select tires from the same tire category as the original tires if identical tires are not available.

An individual should ask the mechanic handling the tire replacement why the pair of tires have worn more quickly than the other pair in order to resolve the problem and prevent damage to the new tires, says Tire Rack. If all tires need replacement, a car owner may opt for the original tire brand and size, or find other tires that can provide longer tread wear or more handling.

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