Where Can You Find Falken Tire Reviews and Ratings?

Falken tire reviews and ratings are available at 1010Tires.com and SimpleTire.com. The Falken Ziex ZE-912 has a 4.4- out of five-star rating with 1010Tire.com customers as of 2015. Falken Wild Peak all-terrain tires have a five-star rating with SimpleTire.com customers.

The Falken Ziex ZE-192 is an all-season passenger-car tire rated highly for high-performance handling on dry road conditions. High-volume circumferential grooves increase hydroplane resistance on wet roads.

SimpleTire.com customers praise Falken Wild Peak all-terrain light-truck tires for their off-road capabilities and relatively low price. Wild Peak tires provide a comfortable ride and minimal noise. The tire's hard-bead apex increases sidewall stability and a square shoulder provides maximum traction.