How Can the Fair Market Value of a Pre-Owned Dirt Bike Be Determined?


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The fair market value of used dirt bikes can be estimated by exploring the pricing of identical models of a similar age on the Internet or in specialty shops, recommends Dirt Bike Australia. Where possible, the help of unbiased individuals with in-depth knowledge of dirt bike pricing should be sought.

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Wherever possible, prospective purchasers of pre-owned dirt bikes should seek to improve their bargaining positions by making counter offers that are appreciably lower than the determined market price, recommends Dirt Bike Australia. This approach may be particularly effective in cases where the dirt bikes on sale possess visible damage or defects.

Prospective purchasers should be always be wary of used dirt bikes with suspiciously low prices as this may be an indicator of serious underlying mechanical problems or a sign that the machines may have been illegally acquired, warns Dirt Bike Australia. For these reasons, prospective buyers should always demand for proof of ownership prior to any purchase and must not make any buying decisions in haste or as a response to unwarranted seller pressure.

Purchasing used dirt bikes from retailers rather than through private sellers typically costs more but has several advantages, argues Dirt Bike Australia. These include the availability of proper documentation, the assurance that dirt bike roadworthiness has been properly tested and, in some cases, the availability of trade-in options. In addition, some retailers may offer warranties, insurance and even finance.

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