Where Can You Find Factory Five Cars?

Where Can You Find Factory Five Cars?

Factory Five cars are available to be ordered from their website and used models can also be purchased from classified ads. Consumers who want a new Factory Five car need to contact the company directly and order it from them.

Factory Five creates and builds quality kit cars, also known as component cars. They design the frame and body panels while utilizing modern engine technologies so a buyer can get the best performance possible on an older styled chassis. Each Factory Five vehicle is outfitted with the following:

  • CAD designed frame
  • CAD designed body panels
  • Expert accurate welds
  • Customized paint schemes
  • Custom fabricated panels

As of February 2015 there are six kit cars available to be purchased. Each kit car is built using the support of an engine which has been pulled from a donor vehicle. Doing so keeps the cost of the actual kits more affordable to the buyer.

The first kit car that was made available from Factory Five was the roadster. Also known the Factory Five Cobra, it is still the best selling kit car in America. It features a Mustang 302 engine and lightweight custom chassis.

Used Factory Five cars can be purchased from individuals through classified ads. Since the cars are completed, they cost more than the kits themselves.