How Can I Extend the Life of My Car Battery?

can-extend-life-car-battery Credit: sumbul/E+/Getty Images

To extend the life of car battery, keep the battery clean, limit short trips, and disconnect the battery during long breaks, advises Discovery News. A battery should last about four years, but its life is impacted by temperature, accessories and charging time, according to HowStuffWorks.

The terminals of batteries are prone to corrosion, which blocks the flow of current, according to Discovery News. Some car owners scrape the terminals themselves with screwdrivers or pliers, while others rely on mechanics to do the job. A build-up of dirt on the battery casing helps drain out energy. A damp cloth can be used to wipe away accumulations.

When drivers take an excessive amount of short trips, repeated starting puts a strain on batteries, discloses Discovery News. The exertion is more severe in cold weather. Combining errands into one trip or using other transportation methods for quick outings removes some of the stress.

If a car is not going to be used for at least a few weeks, it is beneficial to disconnect the battery, Discovery News suggests. Even when the car's ignition is turned off, small amounts of the battery's energy are still used for features such as the clock. A disconnected battery saves electricity.