What Can You Expect to Spend on a Complete Transmission Replacement for Your Car?

As of September 2015, the average cost to replace a transmission ranges between $4,000 and $8,000. This price varies depending on the age, make and model of the vehicle and location.

The price of a complete transmission replacement or rebuild also relies on whether the replacement transmission is manual or automatic. Manual transmissions generally cost less. Additionally, factory-remanufactured transmissions cost more but usually come with warranties. Factory-remanufactured warranties also take less time to install, about one or two days, while rebuilt transmissions can take more than four days to install.

The price range for a used transmission from a salvage yard is $200 to $600. This is variable based on the mileage and condition of the salvaged vehicle and the availability of that vehicle's transmission. However, there are risks involved in buying salvaged transmissions. It is difficult to tell why the vehicle was salvaged, what condition the transmission is in, and if the vehicle was maintained in the past.