How Can You Estimate the Price of Sunroof Installation?

How Can You Estimate the Price of Sunroof Installation?

To estimate the price of sunroof installation, use an online calculator. has an online calculator for this purpose. will give a free estimate for a sunroof on its website. To use this service, run through the following steps:

  1. Enter information about the vehicle

    Enter the specifications of the vehicle. This includes the year that it was made, the model, the make and the body style, such as two-door or four-door.

  2. Enter personal information

    Enter a first and last name. Enter a ZIP code, phone number and email; these are required contact details. An address, city and state are not required, but can be entered if desired.

  3. Enter the specifications of the sunroof desired

    Enter the size of the sunroof. It may be 15 by 30 inches, 20 by 32 inches, or unspecified if unsure. The sunroof style can be pop-up, spoiler or an internal slider inbuilt sunroof. The sunroof can be manual or electric. A manual sunroof has a handle or crank to open and close it, while an electric sunroof uses a button to open and close. Most pop-up sunroofs are manual, most inbuilt sunroofs are electric and spoiler sunroofs vary.

  4. Submit information to receive quote

    Add any additional notes and click Submit to receive a quote estimating the cost of the sunroof.