Where Can You Find an Ercoupe Airplane for Sale?

As of September 2015, Ercoupe airplanes are available for sale on aircraft websites such as BarnStormers.com, PilotMix.com and Trade-A-Plane.com. Other aircraft websites selling Ercoupe airplanes include AircraftDealer.com and MaineInstrumentFlight.com.

BarnStormers.com is an aircraft marketplace that sells various types of aircraft, including Ercoupes. The site has an inventory of Ercoupes that includes the 1946 Ercourpe 114-D, Ercourpe 415-D, Mint 1946 Ercourpe and Ercourpe 415C LSA. Each stock entry on the website has a description, which includes the price, features and date of posting, and the site provides contact and location details of the dealer and owner of the aircraft. It also notifies buyers when a new unit is added to the inventory.

Trade-A-Plane.com lets users sort Ercourpes by make, model, engine time, price and year of manufacture, and buyers can broaden their search by filling out an aircraft advanced search form. Each aircraft on the site has a description that includes the condition, serial number, location and flight rules. The site has images of the aircraft at different angles to display its body features.

PilotMix.com provides user ratings and testimonials about the Ercoupes for sale in its listings. This site features videos and images of the aircraft.

AircraftDealer.com has an aircraft summary of all its Ercoupes on sale. This site allows buyers to contact dealers and watch a slideshow of the aircraft. It provides descriptions aircraft features, including the interior, exterior, engine, avionics and additional equipment.

MaineInstrumentFlight.com has a product listing of Ercoupes with a description of each aircraft's features. This site features slideshows of various aircraft parts, such as the cockpit, seats, wings and tail.